Do you ship to all 50 states?
Yes we do.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. All overseas customers must use a customs broker. We highly
recommend insurance. Once your order is shipped, we cannot be responsible
for lost or confiscated shipments.

Are your products THC FREE?

Yes they are, we use hemp extract with zero THC.

Do you crash from drinking Hemp Energi?

Unlike other energy drinks, we try not to use chemical compounds that make you crash and focus on a clean energy like caffeine and B-Vitamins. 

How do I invest in Hemp Energi?

To find out more about investment opportunity fill out the contact form and one of our lead executives will be in touch. 

How do I become a brand Ambassador?

We are currently expanding rapidly all over the country with store location promotions, party's, events, trade shows, magazines, and social media advertising. When you join Hemp Energi team get set up with FREE ENERGI DRINKS, active wear and the ability to on-load accounts. Simply fill out the contact form on the Brand Ambassador Page, and we will be in touch if the fit is right!

Where does your hemp come from?

All of our hemp comes from the United States and is domestically grown and processed to insure the highest quality.

Where can I buy Hemp Energi?

Hemp Energi can be found at gas stations, liquor stores, convenient stores, and grocery stores for retail purchase. For wholesale purchase please contact us via website to set up your account. 

Are your products GMP certified?
Yes. All of our finished products are manufactured in a cGMP and
ISO certified facility that is registered with the FDA and routinely
inspected and audited by the respective certification organizations.

Do you sponsor people with free product?

We sure do, just fill out our contact form and tell us a little about yourself, & our brand manager will reach out and see if you qualify to get FREE Hemp Energi products! Do you have a huge social following? Compete in events such as extreme sports or activities. Join the team!


For any other questions please message us on our contact page!